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Our Mission

We are purveyors of best of class relationships in developing countries around the globe. With a profound respect for our clients, R. Black Global seeks unique real estate opportunities that fit pre-identified investment directives. We are lovers of the land, competent pioneers and passionate adventurers that seek to offer conventional investors an opportunity to be immersed in the developing world, while remaining well within their investment comfort zone. It is our belief that by implementing a development approach that relies on best of class professionals, sound accounting and reporting principals, and open communication; investment in the developing world can be defined by rewarding experiences and exceptional returns.

Through our unique relationships, adventuresome spirit, and systematic approach, R. Black Global offers our clients an opportunity to venture into uncharted territory with confidence. With substantial relationships we are fully capable of providing a safe and rewarding introduction to our development approach in the following areas:

  • United States

  • Latin America

  • Caribbean

  • Mediterranean

  • South Africa

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