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R.Black Global serves a strategic advisory roll in the development of a 500,000 S.F residential development.  Our team bridges the gap by participating, on behalf of ownership, as the Director of Development overseeing day to day management for all East Coast assets controlled by owner.  

R. Black Global preformed initial underwriting, due diligence, and oversaw acquisition.  We have  selected professionals and overseen the predevelopment process, delivering a fully designed building and NYC building permits within 12 months of beginning the design process. 


Ripley Light Yacht Club was developed under the direction of Ryan Black.  The property consists of 128 luxury condominiums and a 96 slip marina.  The marina was completed in 2006 and construction of the condos, although fully designed and permitted, has been delayed.

Mr. Black permitted a further expansion of the marina into the Ashley River to create one of the largest marina complexes on the East Coast.  The expansion is awaiting further investment to complete the development or a sale of the property to an investor with the vision to execute the plan.   



Mr. Black joined the development team for Jumeirah's new Polo Resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jumeirah Culu Culu. The projected consisted of a 1000 acre lake front development centered around Polo.

Mr. Black served as Chief Operating Officer of the project for a short period of time before project founders Al Alletzhauser and Ann Cabot decided economic conditions did not warrant proceeding with the development plan. Prior to his departure, Mr. Black oversaw tax structuring and Sharia compliance of the project.


Mr. Black was part of the development team that oversaw the conversion of 201 Sansome, The Royal, into a luxury residential development.  Built in 1907 on the site of the original headquarters of the Royal Insurance Company, destroyed in the 1906 earthquake, this state-of-the-art earthquake and fireproof building incorporated what later became mandated safety features in San Francisco.  The building underwent a major renovation maintaining its historic character while converting it to a luxury residential tower. 


Mr. Black was part of the development team that completed this luxury residential building.  At the corner of Front Street and Water Street, 733 Front offers commanding views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The property consists of 69 luxury residential units located in San Francisco's financial district.


Mr. Black was part of the management team that oversaw the dredging of the Hernando Beach channel.  The project was technically difficult and consisted of widening, deepening, and expanding a 3 mile channel through limestone.  The project consisted of substantial environmental oversight and agency coordination including both state and federal regulators. 

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